Willie Back In Action!!!!

by William29. September 2013 21:33

Hello everyone!!!! how has everyone been? Good I'm hoping.  Lots of things have been happening now, and I gotta tell you its been biting me in the ass a lot.  I just recently quit my job and let me tell you, I'm super happy now that I don't have to work with disrespectful people.  Now that I quit I can go back at my fast pace on writing music and playing more gigs now that I have the free time.  Also I have time to power through my classes, but also in this process I am currently going to school for being a security guard.  I need money to survive, I mean who doesn't right? Gigs are one way to make some decent dough, but not enough and being able to share my love for music.  I can't wait to go back to writing more music that way I can have more music to sell for all you guys!!! First cd just needs a few more touch ups before its complete, and once that's done, you guys can see the start of something that will hopefully be great.  I want to be part of the big leagues in the music business.  My goal is to make it big, but the goal is to really become THE KING of MUSIC!  That's right, my goal is to become that,  and I will achieve it by playing amazing music and making great shows and just giving the fans exactly what they would want to see in a future rockstar!  With the support of all you guys, my dream can come true, and basically what I'm telling all of you is that, WILLIE IS BACK IN ACTION BABY!!!!!!! 


Seeing One Of The Greats

by William18. August 2013 18:55

Hello everyone!!!!!!

I don't know how long its been but I feel like its been forever!!!!!! I wanted to let you know that I will post up youtube videos soon and just some regular videos from my phone to show you guys that I'm the real thing haha! I will also post up demos of my originals.  Now let me start to talking about my adventure to seeing one of the greats play live....BRET MICHAELS AND HIS BAND POISON!!!! I mean I got to see one of the greats play live and t was one of my first concert that I actually liked!  When i saw him play live it made me feel so happy cause he was happy just expressing himself up on the stage and just seeing an old guy like him just have fun (I know he's not that old but I see him as an old man haha).  He played live at the Grand Prix and that day was very fun.  I can't believe that I had the chance to see him live though.  It blows my mind everytime I think about it.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing performers play live whether they are good or bad.  Just hearing music in general makes me happy.  

I will try to post as frequent as I can everyone!!! Thanks again!!!


Another Day Just Making Every Moment Fun

by William3. August 2013 23:07

I have a lot of fun with my friends.  My friends give me the push to make my dream happen.  Everyone knows that friendship is important in ones life.  Without my friends I couldn't do half of the crazy stuff I do.  From going to the beach, to going to a friends house and just playing a simple board game.  Also from having parties to going to the city of Los Angeles.  Me and my friends visited the city of Los Angeles to see the X Games, a most awesome experience you ever get, from seeing skaters, to bmxer's, to moto-crossing.  ITS JUST GREAT! Whats even most important to me at those events are the performances from band you never heard of.  It always excites me to see someone play live. I think to myself, if I stay and listen to them, they might see me on the same stage and here me sing.  I'm telling you guys right now, even the ones who arn't known deserve some love.  Just like everyone does to me! Make there moments fun as they make your moments fun, that's what I'm trying to tell you haha.  Thanks guys, I will try to be consistent on these blog posts every week on a certain day, but not quite sure what day haha.  Music will be posted soon on my website and also some Cover Videos and Music Videos of my own music.  Also I will let you all know when I play and where, and where I will stay and sell my cd's which are also coming soon!

Thank You!!!!



Livin Large!

by William28. July 2013 14:36

What's up fellow fans! Now most of you know of my dreams of becoming famous, and its a real tough business. But being able to perform at venues that are small means the world to me.  I recently played for my step dads user group meeting and everyone that was there gave me a big warm welcome.  Its always a pleasure to play at his user group meeting every year! I also play at my parents church and they are always welcoming me into there lives.  Its all a great experience in the end.  I'm currently searching for band mates to help me reach my goals into the music business.  Music will always be there through the good times and the bad.  I am living large right now, and getting a fan base very slowly.  I will soon post up songs on my website so please hang in there! haha! have a wonderful day everyone!


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Hello world!!! My name is William Gonzalez and I am a singer songwriter.  I have played music for about eight years and those years were the best of my life.  I started performing at my moms wedding and that's when I found my calling as a performer.  Next was when there was a Christmas show at my high school which was Aquinas High School in San Bernardino.  Since then on I have been performing and I have never been happier.  As of now I am attending Crafton Hills College and it is a great experience.  College is great and its giving me the chance to become a man and come up with better choices.  I sang at a songwriters recital and it went well.  Life is good for me and I hope you all get to listen to what I have in store for you.

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